Timeline K

A Johnny Zell short, in which a minor character makes his apearance

Johnny Zell was returning from his last battle with infocapitalist forces. These skirmishes were happening ever more often. "The final battle is nigh," thought Zell and holstered his guns. Slowly his airship the SRSA Kronnie, a gift from Cpatain Hazard after their last adventure and named after Johnny Zell's wife, of course, chugged across the skies. The crew was hidden away at their workstations and everything worked swimmingly.
Suddenly the radio hissed to life: "…eed hel… …verrun… Jomondo Guu… …warms of them…." Quickly Johnny issued a trace on the signal and ordered the airship flown towards it. "Jomondo Guu, my arch-nemesis. What mockery are you up to again!?" Within minutes the Kronn had arrived at the scene, and what a horrid scene it was: a village completely beset by myriads of crystal-toting new-age hippies. Zell slammed his fist into a nearby support beam. "NO!" he cried, "That many… We'll need the whole day to rid this place of them, and the whole week to repair the damage." A hint of desperation struck Zell. He wasn't scared, of course. The blonde viking of justice knew no fear. But he did realise how great a setback this would be. And once more that extra-dimensional bastard, Guu, would elude him. He readied his laser pistols and prepared for the leap when suddenly the radio spoke again: "Hold it! Diving headfirst into adventure as usual, are you? I beg you to reconsider."
"Who is this?" Zell demanded.
"I am Aeon. Haltz Aeon. And i could be of service to you today."
"Service? Pah! Johnny Zell needs no help! Johnny Zell prevails alone and glorious."
"True, true. Bot Johnny Zell also is hard pressed to keep up, to be on time where needed, am i not right? Allow me to remedy some of that."
"In what way would that be?"
"Observe," Said Haltz chuckling.
Screeching like the furious charge of a million PMSing banshees, a spheroid object flew past SRSA Kronn and crashed in the middle of the village. A green gasseous substance poured out of it. Zell sniffed the air and thought "Ganja?"
"Yes, Johnny Zell, you've probably identified my weapon. In just moments my servants will arrive and cleanse the streets of the scum that now sits their ecstatic and motionless."
"Well, you've proven your worth, Haltz Aeon, but why are you doing this?"
"Let's just say i am a man of… revenue. This has been a free demo. Next time i'll be sure to have a favour in need of completion. But as long as you can deliver on your side, i'll deliver with full fidelity on mine. We will speak again, i'm sure."
Zell looked down at the village, saw the hippies being dragged to the sewers by some strange hunched creatures. "I don't like this Aeon character, not one bit," thought Johnny Zell, as the airship took course towards a keep, where a certain "God of Nothing" was rumoured to reside.

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